About 200 people participated in the 34th annual Henry J. Calamari Memorial 2-Mile Walk and Run on April 12 in south Slidell. The race is a benefit for Our Lady of Lourdes School.


5 AND YOUNGER: First, Avery Evans; second, Sophie Calamari; and third, Elizabeth Kelley.

6-7: First, Sarah Whitehouse; second, Olivia Huerstel; and third, Angela Kelley.

8-9: First, Lana Spring; second, Caroline McCoy; and third, Zoe Gaupp.

10-11: First, Kylie Milligan; second, Chloe Manning; and third, Kali Murray.

12-13: First, Ashley Calamari; second, Therese Hoggett; and third, Kaitlyn Hill.

20-29: First, Haley Cuevas.

30-39: First, Anna Caruso; and second, Lori Gaston.

40-49: First, Suzanne Melhado; and second, Richelle Legnon.

50-59: First, Melissa Lorance; and second, Melanie Cenci.

70 AND OLDER: First, Patricia Arnold.


5 AND YOUNGER: First, Daniel Whitehouse; second, Nicholas Menutis; and third, Brent Lusich.

6-7: First, Adam Merkle; second, Landon Rogers; and third, Gus Pizza.

8-9: First, Cade Krakowski; second, Daniel S. Calamari; and third, Ben Legnon.

10-11: First, Bryce Denley; second, Michael August; and third, Jack Everard.

12-13: First, Joshua Hunt; second, Jeremy Cannon; and third, Zachary Hursey.

14-16: First, Taeus Wright; and second, Jeffrey Hursey.

17-19: First, Matt Riddleburger.

20-24: First, Caleb Earhart.

25-29: First, Brian Calamari.

30-34: First, Josh Hunt; and second, Andrew Pizza.

35-39: First, Daniel J. Calamari; and second, Byrne Evans.

40-44: First, Craig Earhart; and second, Mark Perez.

45-49: First, Paul Steudlein; and second, Elliott Everard.

50-54: First, James Miller; and second, Nick Cerci.

55-59: First, Michael Delaney; and second, Kelly Stein.

60-69: First, Bobby Turner; and second, Shawn Reugger.

70 AND OLDER: First, Dickie Longo.


The top runners in the Mad Hatter 5-K and 1-Mile Fun Run staged by the Junior Auxiliary of Slidell on April 5.

5-K MEN (YOUNGER THAN 40): First, David Funck; second, Cody Favre; and third, Jared Rudiger.

5-K WOMEN (YOUNGER THAN 40): First, Lori Gaston; second, Victoria Dubroc; and third, Sarah Hammell.

MEN (AGES 40-49): First, David Stein; second, Jay Bearden.

WOMEN (AGES 40-49): First, Anne Cannon; second, Dianne Gerardi; and third, Danielle Riecke.

MEN (OLDER THAN 50): First, Jeff Oser; second, Dan Pierre; and third, Pete Lewis.

WOMEN (OLDER THAN 50): First, Margaret Braden; second, Jo Bearden; and third, Donna Lusignan.

TOP MALE (YOUTH): First, Gage Blackwell.

TOP FEMALE (YOUTH): First, Abigail West; second, Tateum Pedarre; and third, Julia Hoppemeyer-Wilbert; and Samantha Geradi.