25 years

Faced with a city council chamber packed with angry school bus drivers Tuesday night, the Covington city council rejected a proposed ordinance to curtail parking of buses in city residential areas. The ordinance would have called upon bus owners to "screen" their buses from the view of their neighbors who might find the sight of the bus offensive, stated Mayor Keith Villere. Bus owners objected to the idea, saying it would cost them money to park the buses elsewhere, that installing the screen would be a burden on them, and that parking buses near their houses enabled them to keep an eye on them. 

50 years

(Necessary) repairs to the new courthouse roof, which have been under discussion since the courthouse was built several years ago, have reached a critical state. Police Juror Archie Davis of Ward 5 says water is ruining valuable parish records. The police jury, in session Thursday, will request Architect August Perez to be present at a special meeting next Tuesday to tell them whether a new roof is required. 

75 years

According to a report release by the Louisiana Division of Forestry, forest fires in St. Tammany Parish have burned over 25,098 acres during the period of January to September this year. There were 290 fires which caused damages exceeding $10,662 during the same period. These figures show that almost 20 percent of the total area burned in the state was St. Tammany Parish land. Current reports indicate an unusually high fire hazard at present in this area and, unless every precaution is taken to materially reduce the appalling number of fires, much of St. Tammany Parish timber needed for military purposes will be lost to the war effort. 

100 years

The steel ships for the United States government will be built at Madisonville. This is the word that has been anxiously waited by the citizens of St. Tammany Parish for the past week. When it was learned that the Jahnckes had the contract for the building of steel ships to the extent of millions of dollars, with the probability that other similar contracts would follow, New Orleans, Pascagoula, Mobile, Morgan City and other places got busy to secure the building of those yards in their cities. Also, Covington and Madisonville got busy seeing that the business was kept in Madisonville. The impression was that there was not much chance of losing out to any other section, but it was suggested that a certain amount of cooperation was desired and that some assistance could be given if the citizens of St. Tammany got behind it. It was proposed that $30,000 should be raised for certain waterway improvements. 

125 years

Be it ordained, by the Police Jury of St. Tammany Parish, La., that there shall be levied for the year 1892 a tax of two mills on the dollar for the public school fund, a further tax of two mills on the dollar for expenses in criminal matters, and a tax of three mills on the dollar for the general expenses of the parish. Signed, J.M. ABNEY, President, Police Jury, W.G. KENTZEL, Secretary.