Four children of the St. Tammany Parish doctor shot and killed by his wife in the early morning hours of March 1 have filed court documents accusing his widow of having “bad moral character” and mismanaging his estate.

Kacie Breen has yet to face any criminal charges in the death of her husband, but she is locked in a pair of acrimonious legal disputes with the adult children of her husband’s previous marriage. One is a lawsuit over control of Wayne Breen’s estate; the other is a wrongful-death suit filed against her by four of the five children.

The latest motions were filed Monday in the estate case, where Breen is pressing a judge to make her the sole administrator of her husband’s assets, based on the stipulations of his will.

Attorneys working for four of Wayne Breen’s children argue that Kacie Breen should lose that role because she has already mismanaged the estate and because she would be charged with taking care of the property and inheritances of people she is otherwise fighting with in court over the death of their father.

The siblings are asking that the court instead appoint an independent third party to oversee the estate while the court battle plays out.

Their filing claims that Kacie Breen has demonstrated she is motivated by greed, pointing to some of her actions since she was appointed co-administrator of the estate along with Jeff Dunbar, who is married to Wayne Breen’s daughter, Bridget.

Specifically, the filing alleges that Kacie Breen went to her husband’s medical practice in Covington and removed a computer server that contained patient information. That prompted a May 12 conference before 22nd Judicial District Judge Scott Gardner, who ordered that the server be returned.

Attorneys for the medical practice have also tried unsuccessfully to get paperwork from Kacie Breen such as receipts, deposit slips and check copies that they believe she has, the filing says.

Further, on March 26, Kacie Breen told one of the doctors at her husband’s former practice that she was short of money and that a court order granted her $10,000 from the practice. No such order exists, the filing says.

And on May 6, she is alleged to have called the financial services firm Merrill Lynch in Baton Rouge, where the medical practice has a joint account, and said the court had given her authority over the account. Authority over the plan was given to Wayne Breen’s son-in-law, the filing says.

The actions reveal a woman who “is solely motivated by her desire to get her hands on money,” the filing alleges.

Kacie Breen’s attorney, Richard Ducote, dismissed the pleading as “a bunch of nonsense.”

He said that Dunbar, Breen’s son-in-law, has the real conflict of interests as a co-administrator of the estate. Ducote pointed out that Dunbar was placed in charge of the Merrill Lynch account even though he works for the company in Baton Rouge “and may be earning commission or fees on that property.”

Ducote also said there had been an informal agreement for Kacie Breen to receive an advance on her part of the estate so that she could pay the bills related to the house.

“She has no income at this point and she has not been able to obtain any living expense,” Ducote said. “There are some that are under the control of Dunbar.”

Ducote denied that Kacie Breen had ever claimed there was a court order entitling her to $10,000.

“There are a lot of inaccuracies in that,” he said.

A hearing in the case is set before Gardner on June 18.

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