St. Tammany Parish residents who were dodging rainstorms last week will be dealing with clouds of mosquitoes this week, according to the St. Tammany Parish Mosquito Abatement District, which is stepping up aerial and ground treatment in response to an expected surge in floodwater mosquitoes.

While most of the mosquitoes hatched during the rain are still in the larval stage, they will emerge as adults in the next couple of days, a news release from the district said.

Because the rain happened over several days, the mosquitoes will not all emerge at once but over several days, and areas will experience new infestations even after they have been sprayed.

Biologists and inspectors with the district have taken samples at many sites in the parish and have found three main species of floodwater mosquitoes.

Many known breeding sites were treated in advance with an insect growth hormone that prevents the larvae from becoming adults. But breeding activity is so extensive that the district is still expecting a large population of adults over several days.