St. Tammany school briefs for April 9, 2015 _lowres

Photo provided by Little Oak Elementary - St. Tammany Parish School Board member Peggy Seeley enjoyed lunch at Little Oak Middle School during Louisiana School Lunch Week. Shown are, back from left, Peyton Chaisson, Barbara Bacon, Little Oak Assistant Principal Michael VanderVelde, Ramie Gunn, Little Oak Principal Kim Vanderklis, Peggy Seeley, Madison Warner, Assistant Principal Amie Guttuso, lunch technician Connie Brown, Joe Seeley; and front, cafeteria manager Janet Farrell, Kristina Corcoran, Ina Pegues, Gabrielle Nipper, Emilea Wilcox and Austin Lacoste.

LITTLE OAK SCHOOL LUNCH WEEK: Throughout Louisiana School Lunch Week, Little Oak students took part in many activities to go along with the theme of ‘Louisiana Lunch.’ Cafeteria manager Janet Farrell led the students in a Louisiana estimating contest. Students were to guess the amount of red beans in a container without going over. Prizes were awarded to the students who came the closest to guessing the number of beans. Students also earned prizes when they found a sticker under their lunch trays. Students enjoyed Louisiana meals throughout the week such as red beans, gumbo, ham and cheese po-boys and fried catfish.

WOMEN’S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP: The Slidell Republican Women’s Club’s scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior girl attending a high school in the Slidell/Pearl River area.

The deadline for the scholarship application’s postmark is April 15; the winning student is required to attend the Awards Night dinner on May 28.

The Pearl Williams/Cecelia Drennan Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of two past SRWC members who were outstanding community leaders. The $1,000 award will be made to a female student who has demonstrated good moral character, leadership skills and an interest and concern for the local community.

Application forms are available from school counselors in east St. Tammany Parish. For information, contact SRWC Vice President Tiffany Parker, (985) 788-7783 or SRWC President Peggy Seeley, (985) 863-9099.