Former Peter Galvan deputy Mark Lombard booked in St. Tammany jail on theft counts _lowres

Mark Lombard

Lombard posted a $20,000 bond and was released a short time later, Sheriff spokesman Capt. George Bonnett confirmed.

Lombard, along with former Coroner Chief Financial Officer Kim Kelly, was indicted on March 10 on two state counts of being a principal to felony theft of more than $1,500. While serving as Galvan’s chief death investigator, provided medical services for the Slidell City Jail under the terms of a contract the jail had with Galvan’s private medical practice.

Lombard was not medically qualified to administer the services but did so anyway, according to Assistant Attorney General

That contract paid Galvan’s private practice $50,000 per year.

Neither he nor Kelly was indicted by federal authorities, but both were listed — though not named — in Galvan’s federal charge. The state case was apparently largely based on the federal investigation.

The delay in booking Lombard was due to Lombard being offshore, said Assistant Attorney General David Caldwell.

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