Mandeville Police are searching for people responsible for burglaries near the Ochsner Health Center on East Causeway Approach and in the Sanctuary subdivision near West Causeway Approach, a police spokesman said.

In the first, police are looking for three people who are believed to have broken into a car at the Ochsner Medical Center on East Causeway Approach and then used credit cards stolen from the car at an ATM and two gas stations, according to Lt. Gerald Sticker.

The car was broken into July 8 and the credit cards were used at a Mandeville area ATM, a convenience store in Lacombe and a gas station in Slidell, sticker said.

A surveillance video from one of the gas stations showed two men and a woman using one of the credit cards, he added.

In the second, at least two men are believed to be responsible for a rash of burglaries in on Tupelo Trace in the Sanctuary subdivision, Sticker said. During the early morning hours of July 14 one house and five cars were broken into and one car was stolen. The stolen car was later recovered, and surveillance video from one of the houses showed two mean wearing hats, hoodies backpacks and gloves, Sticker said.

Anyone with any information on any of these people is asked to call the Mandeville Police Department at (985) 624-3119.

Editor's note: This story was changed on Sept. 9, 2015, to correct the date of the burglaries in the Sanctuary subdivision to July 14.

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