Brian Trainor already has strong support from law enforcement in his campaign to replace Walter Reed as DA for St. Tammany and Washington parishes. He’s got the backing of his boss, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain, and of Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal.

But on Tuesday, Trainor, who is in a runoff with Warren Montgomery for the job of lead prosecutor in the 22nd Judicial District, further bolstered his law-and-order theme with endorsements from Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith and Slidell Mayor Freddy Drennan, a former police chief.

In a news conference called at the Slidell Police Department offices, four other eastern St. Tammany officials also threw in with Trainor: Slidell City Councilman Landon Cusimano, Parish Councilman Richard Artigue and state Reps. Greg Cromer and Kevin Pearson.

Trainor’s campaign, which issued a news release about the endorsements, cited his strong performance in Slidell, saying he captured more than 90 percent of the precincts there in the four-candidate Nov. 4 primary.

Drennan, who did not attend the news conference, issued a prepared statement calling Trainor “a law enforcement candidate’’ who will help put the safety of neighborhoods first. Smith called him a “great, hard-working leader we can trust.’’

Cromer cited another popular theme in the race to replace the widely criticized longtime DA, Walter Reed, saying that Trainor will implement “zero tolerance for corruption.’’

The slate of eastern St. Tammany heavy-hitters followed an earlier effort to bolster Trainor’s support in Slidell with the endorsement of third-place finisher Alan Black, whose law practice is located there.

That effort fell a bit flat when the Montgomery camp released a pre-Nov. 4 audio tape of Black, seeking Montgomery’s support should he win and offering his backing if Montgomery made the runoff, saying that “we just can’t let the Trainor kid win.’’

Montgomery also turned his attention to Slidell on Tuesday, holding a ribbon-cutting on a campaign headquarters on Gause Boulevard.