Slidell Ladies for Liberty delivers sweet tribute to soldiers overseas _lowres

Photo provided by Slidell Ladies for Liberty—Girl Scouts from Lake Castle Slidell Private School brought in donations of 150 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for local soldiers serving in the Middle East. In the front row, from left, are Madeline Hebert, Chloe Gordon, Kayla Tardo, Miya Rolston and Amber Vaughn. In the middle row are C.J. Roberts, Morgan Dennis, Ashlyn Chase, Sydney Salles, Georgiana Orlando, Caroline Veeramony, Avery Borchers, Angelica Nguyen, Elena McElveen, Payton Rowbatham, Kali Trahant, Chloe Loe and Henna Patel. In the back row are Monica Veeramony, Stefini Salles, Annette Hall, Reese Trainor, Reese Maguire, Rhianna Cales, Lindsay Admire, Merrill Luttrell, Ava Keel, Shelby Salles, Madyson Hill, Flo Johnston, Woody Johnston, Shannon Long and Angela Cales.

Brownie and Daisy Girl Scouts at Lake Castle Slidell Private School recently made a sweet contribution to Slidell Ladies for Liberty, which sends monthly care packages to local soldiers serving overseas.

While selling Girl Scout Cookies, the kindergartners and first- and second-graders also asked for cookie donations for the soldiers.

Their efforts brought in 150 boxes of cookies, which Slidell Ladies for Liberty shipped to the local soldiers the group has adopted.

Slidell Ladies for Liberty has donation boxes in and around Slidell, and receives gifts of money and merchandise from schools, organizations and businesses. The volunteer group, which started in 2007, mails about 150 boxes each month.

For a list of items requested by soldiers and drop-off locations, visit slidelllladiesfor

Updated information, including packing days for 2015, can be found on the Slidell Ladies for Liberty Facebook page.