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If there are any doubts that the silly season has arrived in the race for 22nd Judicial District Attorney, a whimsical YouTube video that endorses a “handsome white-haired knight and people’s champion” it refers to as “Warren of Montgomery” should erase them.

The voiced animation, entitled “Ye Old Same Story or The Easy Life of Brian,” has the zany vibe of a Monty Python sketch coupled with the heroic style of a Prince Valiant comic strip.

Its star, Warren Montgomery, who has cast himself as the outsider challenging an entrenched power structure, sports a chiseled torso and a luxurious mane of hair that Fabio might envy.

But the cartoon is merciless when it comes to mocking his rivals. Brian Trainor is portrayed as the Dark Knight, who was given his high-ranking post by the Sheriff of Rottingham — a dig at the chief deputy and his relationship with Sheriff Jack Strain. The story suggests that the powers that be had anointed Trainor to be the next DA.

The animated tale also pokes fun at his other rivals, calling Alan Black the Black Knight and Roy Burns the Burned Knight and suggesting both fall short of Warren of Montgomery, who uses “his golden sword of justice to slay the mighty beast of corruption.”

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