Judge unseals 2012 restraining order Kacie Breen secured against husband she later killed _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SCOTT THRELKELD -- Kacie Breen leaves court following a succession hearing for her late husband, Dr. Wayne Breen, Thursday, June 18, 2015, at the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center in Covington. Kacie Breen said she shot her husband March 1, after the two argued and she feared for her life. The case is under investigation by the St. Tammany Sheriff’s Office.

A St. Tammany Parish judge has unsealed records related to a 2012 temporary restraining order Kacie Breen obtained against her then-husband, Wayne, whom she shot and killed in March in their home near Folsom. She has said she acted in self-defense.

The unsealed records refer to a complaint by Kacie Breen that her husband pinched and cut the lip of the couple’s then preschool-aged son when the family was on vacation in Alabama. Wayne Breen was arrested in Alabama in connection with the incident, but the case was never prosecuted, according to a copy of the police report.

A month after a judge in St. Tammany Parish granted the restraining order, Kacie and Wayne Breen moved to have it dismissed, an apparent sign of a reconciliation.

The Alabama incident took place on July 19, 2012. The couple and their son were on the beach when it began to rain. Wayne Breen decided to head back to the couple’s condo, Kacie told police. But then it began to rain harder, and Kacie told the boy they needed to go inside.

The boy was upset and threw a bucket that hit Kacie in the leg, the police report says. She took him upstairs and told Wayne what had happened. He took the child and put him in the tub while Kacie took a shower. Kacie Breen told police that she could hear Wayne screaming at their son and the child crying.

When she got out of the shower, the boy told Kacie that Wayne had cut his lip and pinched his neck. Police would later note an “open wound” on the boy’s lip and red welts on both sides of his neck.

Kacie and Wayne got into an argument. She accused him of being drunk; he said he had drunk only one beer and that he was sick of being subservient to her, she told police. Eventually, he allowed his wife and child to leave, and Kacie drove herself and their son to a grocery store and then to the Police Department.

The next day, Kacie Breen filed for a temporary restraining order in St. Tammany Parish. She alleged a litany of past abusive and controlling behavior on Wayne Breen’s part, some of it before the pair were married. Several times each year, she said, she was forced to stay at her mother’s house after Wayne had been drinking.

She also said her husband used electronic tracking devices on her car and phone to keep track of her and that he would become verbally abusive when he had been drinking.

The revelations in the police report and temporary restraining order are consistent with allegations that Kacie’s attorney, Richard Ducote, has made over the past few months. Ducote has said Wayne Breen had grown increasingly violent during his final few months, as Kacie learned that stories he had told about serving in Vietnam were lies.

Kacie Breen has admitted that she shot her husband in March but has said it was in self-defense as the pair fought in their home. The Sheriff’s Office said it found no probable cause to arrest her. The case has been passed to the District Attorney’s Office for review and potential presentation to a grand jury.

Meanwhile, Kacie Breen faces a wrongful-death suit filed by Wayne Breen’s grown children from his first marriage. The children have alleged that Kacie had no justification for killing their father. The children are also contesting Wayne Breen’s will, and a judge has appointed a third-party administrator to manage it while the case progresses.

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