Ian Somerhalder, the TV heartthrob from “Lost” and “Vampire Diaries,” is apparently not done stumping for local political candidates in St. Tammany Parish. First he made an endorsement in the race for district attorney, now he’s weighing in on the contest between incumbent family court Judge Dawn Amacker and challenger Nanine McCool in the 22nd Judicial District,

On Thursday, Somerhalder posted a photo of himself on Instagram holding a sign that says “Chicks Rule.”

His message, with a characteristic disregard for punctuation and spacing, was addressed “LADIES!!! I waned (sic) to reach out again to bring everyone’s attention to another race in my home district,the race for Family Court Judge in Division L, &ask everyone to vote for NANINE MCCOOL.She is another amazing candidate who is putting herself out there to bring change in a place most of you probably don’t think of much&that’s in family court.”

Without naming her, Somerhalder recites a number of complaints about Amacker that have been spread by McCool’s camp. He says, for example, that judges sometimes “even rule against parents just out of meanness.”

Somerhalder, who grew up on the north shore, used social media last week to throw his support behind Alan Black, who is running for district attorney against several other candidates.

As was the case for that endorsement, the 3,000 plus comments posted below Somerhalder’s latest campaign message focused more on the star’s attributes than the candidate’s. “I heart Ian,” said one. “You are perfection,” another rhapsodized.

At least one seemed interested in the “Lost” star’s political views: kaylorraine326 wanted to know who Somerhalder likes in the Senate race.

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