A comment that was overheard and misunderstood led to a social media storm Thursday about possible violence at Mandeville High School, but an investigation by administrators and police found no threat.

One student apparently overheard two seniors talking and saying they had better not see each other at the school the next day, according to Mandeville Police Lt. Gerald Sticker. The first student reported it as a potential threat, but Wednesday was the last day of school for seniors, he said.

The report sparked rumors of a threat on social media and among the Mandeville High community. The rumor was rampant enough that Mandeville police issued a statement just after 8:30 a.m. assuring parents and others that there was no danger. The school also sent out a robocall to parents to let them know there had been no incident, according to Meredith Mendez, a school system spokeswoman.

In addition to a school resource officer on campus, the Police Department sent an additional uniformed officer to the school while detectives traced the rumor, Sticker said. School administrators also investigated, he said.

None of the students involved will face any disciplinary action, and none was sent home, Mendez said.

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