Two people and their daughter were booked Monday after they allegedly took electronics, water coolers and generators from a church construction site, a St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s spokesman said.

Paul Mikell, Clariese Jones and Olivia Jones were each booked on counts of simple burglary of a religious building and being held on $30,000 bail, according to Capt. George Bonnett. Mikell was booked on one count; the others on two counts each. Olivia Jones is the daughter of Mikell and Clariese Jones.

The three admitted that on the night of Sept. 12, they went to the El Bethel Apostolic Ministry at 57361 Allen Road in Slidell. While Mikell waited in his car, the other two removed electronics, music equipment and generators from the church. Later that same night, before the burglary had been reported, Clariese Jones was booked on an unrelated charge, Bonnett said.

Mikell and Olivia Jones sold some of what they had stolen to help bail Clariese Jones out of jail, Bonnett said.

On Sept. 16, Clariese and Olivia Jones went back to the church and stole more items, which the trio attempted to sell at a garage sale at their Slidell home. When detectives went to the garage sale, they found several of the missing items and after obtaining a search warrant for the house, they found other items.