Carlos Rodriguez, who plotted with his girlfriend in 2009 to kill her husband, was sentenced to life in prison Thursday, according to a spokeswoman for 22nd Judicial District Attorney Warren Montgomery.

Rodriguez was found guilty in May of first degree murder in the strangulation of Mario Scramuzza.

In a victim impact statement delivered before Judge August Hand imposed his sentence, Scramuzza’s sister, Valerie Scramuzza Dirks, said that she had to watch her parents grieve the loss of their son, in addition to watching her nephew grow up without a father.

Dirks raised the boy, who was 13 when his father was killed, teaching him to drive and taking him to college orientation along with other rites of passage. “As a man today, that boy terribly misses his dad,’’ she said.

Rodriguez, 45, killed Scramuzza in the laundry room of his Covington home after ambushing him there with two accomplices. The victim’s wife and Rodriguez’s girlfriend, Gina Scramuzza, met with the three in a Wal-Mart parking lot, driving them to her home after stopping at the bank to get cash for the accomplices.

Gina Scramuzza first got to know Rodriguez at East Jefferson General Hospital where she worked as a CAT scan technician. She spent lavishly on the Kenner man, even buying him a Hummer. Ultimately, she paid him $3,400 to get rid of her husband.

But during testimony at Rodriguez’ trial, deputies said that she turned on him when she found out he was married and that his wife was about to have a baby.

Gina Scramuzza pleaded guilty to first degree murder in 2013 is currently serving a life sentence. The two accomplices are also in jail. Luis Hernandez was found guity of first degree murder in 2012 and sentenced to life, and Erly Montoya pleaded guilty to manslaughter and armed robbery with a firearm. He is serving a 35-year sentence.

All three testified at Rodriguez’ trial.

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Follow Sara Pagones on Twitter, @spagonesadvocat.