Kelly Folse of Camille Court in River Ridge is accused of shooting Bruizer, a 15-month-old American Bulldog on Dec. 13.

A River Ridge veterinarian was officially charged Wednesday by the Jefferson Parish District Attorney after allegedly shooting her neighbor's dog over its barking. 

Kelly Folse, 35, was charged Wednesday through a bill of information on counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, illegal use of a weapon and illegal possession of prescription drugs. 

Folse, who lives on Camille Court in River Ridge, is accused of shooting her neighbor's 15-month-old dog, Bruizer, on Dec. 13. 

The owner rushed the dog to Abadie Veterinarian Hospital in Harahan — the same office where Folse worked — but Bruizer died the next day. Folse was not involved in caring for the dog following the shooting, but she was fired after the accusations. 

“This is nuts. I don’t know how else to put it. I don’t know what world we’re living on where this is OK," said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto in a press conference following Folse's arrest. 

Folse's lawyer, Bob Garrity, later maintained that Folse was innocent, and that the sheriff's office had "no evidence at all" against his client. He also said detectives were trying to "force a confession out" of her because the Sheriff's Office needed to make "a big splash."

Lopinto, who is running to remain Jefferson Parish sheriff in the upcoming election, denied that anything "unusual" occurred in the investigation.

Lopinto said the dog was in the owner's fenced-in yard at the time it was shot, and that investigators found out Folse had sent texts to the neighbor complaining about the dog before the incident happened.

The JPSO also said Folse was believed to have threatened the dog before because of its barking and because she thought it was aggressive. Investigators said they were unable to find evidence of the dog's aggressive behavior after interviewing neighbors.

Garrity said it is unlikely that there are any texts from his client to her neighbors because Folse doesn't have their phone number.

He did say Folse had put up a Facebook video after the dog got out and "pinned her" on her boat in her driveway. She used social media to ask the neighbors to come get their dog, possibly with impolite language, he added.

Garrity said the accusation had left his client "despondent" and afraid for her well-being. She's hiding in a fishing camp in the area, he said, because the social media response to the dog's death has made her "infamous."

"She feels she has to sell her house and move," he said.

Folse's case was filed in 4th Judicial District Court and will be heard by Judge Scott Schlegel.