Lindsay Lohan’s stepmom faces federal charge for assault on flight diverted to New Orleans _lowres

U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite’s office charged Kate Lohan, 33, on April 14 in a bill of information, often a signal of a pending guilty plea. The charge carries a maximum six-month sentence. (The Advocate File Photo)

The step-mother of actress Lindsay Lohan pleaded guilty to wildly hurling a cell phone at a flight attendant aboard an airplane on the day before Thanksgiving last year, an action that forced her flight to divert to New Orleans.

Kate Lohan, 33, the tabloid reporter and estranged wife of Lindsay Lohan’s 55-year-old father Michael, pleaded guilty to committing assault while aboard an aircraft in federal court on Tuesday – but she dodged any jail time over her intoxicated incident. U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Wilkinson Jr. sentenced Lohan to one year of probation and more than $7,000 in restitution payments.

Lohan admitted as part of her plea deal that the trouble began even before JetBlue flight 101 took off from Fort Lauderdale for Los Angeles on Nov. 25, according to court documents. Lohan became quarrelsome when ordered to bring her seat forward, only backing down after a flight attendant warned that she did not want to leave her behind during Thanksgiving.

But the ruckus continued once the plane reached 10,000 feet, passengers said.

“A witness advised that Lohan appeared to be intoxicated or possibly under the influence of an unknown substance. Lohan called the witness’ wife a ‘bitch’ and stated that she would ‘slit her throat,’” FBI Special Agent Crystal Bender wrote in an affidavit.

So flight attendants moved Lohan to the plane’s first row – but the ruckus continued. Lohan asked for a glass of wine, and when the flight attendant refused, she began cursing at the airline employee.

Lohan then tossed her phone toward the flight attendant, prosecutors said. The device ricocheted of an airplane wall before hitting the attendant.

Another passenger kept Lohan in her seat while the plane’s captain detoured the plane to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Lohan was hauled off the plane and arrested by the FBI and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. The flight then continued on to Los Angeles.

Lohan’s $7,212.25 restitution payments will cover the costs of a landing fee, extra fuel charges, and the 1 hour, 14 minute flight delay, according to the office of U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite.

Lohan was initially released from jail on the condition that she enter a rehab clinic in San Clemente, California, according to court documents. Wilkinson, the judge, ordered her to continue treatment.

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