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A man was shot in the Navarre neighborhood early Thursday evening, the New Orleans Police Department said. 

The shooting was reported at the intersection of Clayton Avenue and Memphis Street sometime after 5 p.m., where police say a man was found "suffering from gunshot wounds."  

One the scene, a bullet-riddled SUV with several shattered windows stood parked near the train tracks while police officers cordoned off a wide swath of the block. According to several residents in the area, the injured man ran to several houses asking for help after he was shot. 

A woman who lives on nearby Virginia Court and asked to remain anonymous said she heard several gunshots and then the man banging on her front door. The woman spoke to reporters through a window, as her front porch and steps were splattered with blood. 

"I heard all this banging...he was pounding on the door," she said. "I came out here scared to death, and I said, 'who is it?' and he goes, 'I've been shot, call the police!"

The woman said she grabbed her keys and ran out her back door and fled to her neighbor's house, where her neighbor called the police. 

"When I got back, he was on the ground and they were putting him in the ambulance," the woman said. 

Employees of nearby Susan Spicer restaurant Rosedale had just finished their staff meeting when the shots rang out. The restaurant's General Manager Jenni Lynch estimated she heard about nine shots fired. 

"We all got down," Lynch said, adding that there were only two customers inside the restaurant at the time.

A few employees ran out to help, and neighbors offered the man water while they waited for paramedics to arrive, Lynch said. 

Several residents of the area said they did not recognize the man or the badly damaged car.

"It's a very quiet neighborhood," Lynch said. 

-Staff writer Helen Freund contributed to this report