As he and another man forced their way into a Kenner restaurant early Wednesday to rob it, Joshua Every stabbed Raising Cane’s manager Taylor Friloux in the chest at least twice, according to authorities.

Then, before he and his accomplice jumped into a waiting getaway car with about $1,000 from the restaurant’s safe, Every, a former Cane’s employee, bent over Friloux to stab her several more times, almost severing her left ear, cutting her liver, piercing the aorta near her heart and puncturing her windpipe, police allege.

An initial police report obtained by The New Orleans Advocate on Friday outlined the viciousness of the attack that left Friloux, 21, dead from eight stab wounds.

The crime has resulted in four arrests while horrifying the residents of Kenner, a suburban city that frequently touts its reputation as a safe community.

“The repeated stabbing of the defenseless manager as she laid on the ground clearly establishes that (Every) had the specific intent to kill her” during a robbery that unfolded as Friloux and her subordinates were closing up the Cane’s outlet on Williams Boulevard early Wednesday, the report says.

Every, 23, and one other man have been arrested on counts of first-degree murder, punishable by life imprisonment or death. That other man is Gregory Donald Jr., 18, accused of accompanying Every into the chicken restaurant where Friloux was mortally wounded.

Meanwhile, two people accused of playing ancillary roles in the deadly robbery have been arrested on counts of second-degree murder, punishable by up to a life sentence. They are Mark Crocklen Jr., 24, the suspected getaway driver, and Ariana Yanni Runner, 22, who allegedly recruited Donald to take part in the crime she helped plan.

Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser said his investigators were still searching Friday evening for at least one more suspect, described only as a woman who sat in the getaway car with Crocklen during the robbery.

The initial police report recounts how Every and a second man cornered Friloux, of LaPlace, and two of her co-workers as they were taking out trash. The robbers took the cellphones of two of the victims and asked them about a possible silent alarm in the restaurant as well as other security measures, according to the report.

The robbers then demanded that Friloux return to the restaurant and hand over any money inside; she was stabbed the first two times as she walked into the store, the report says.

Friloux clutched at her chest but was still cooperative with the robbers as they grabbed money out of the restaurant’s safe and prepared to leave, the report says. Soon, though, she fell to the floor, “likely from the effects of the initial stab wounds,” and Every plunged his knife again and again into her neck, face and upper body, according to the report.

At least four other people in the restaurant later identified Every and described the role he played during the robbery to investigators, the report says.

Police arrested Every in LaPlace hours after the slaying, and he gave a partial confession, though he did not admit to killing Friloux, an ex-colleague with whom he had reportedly clashed when he worked at the restaurant.

Crocklen, also from LaPlace, surrendered to authorities shortly after news of Every’s arrest spread, claiming that he had signed up to be the driver for a robbery but not a murder.

Police first said Crocklen would be booked on capital murder. On Friday, however, he was booked on a slightly lesser offense because he was not directly involved with the events inside Cane’s, police said.

Police initially said they believed another associate of Every, not Donald, accompanied Every into the restaurant. That man’s name was included in the initial report, but he was absolved of any involvement after he was picked up on an unrelated warrant and questioned about Friloux’s killing, Glaser said.

Investigators said they zeroed in on Donald after a crime camera spotted the getaway vehicle near the homes of Every and Crocklen following the robbery.

That vehicle — a 2001 Toyota Highlander — was registered to an address on Vouray Drive in Kenner, and officers who staked out the street after the robbery stopped Donald as he drove the car into the neighborhood.

After agreeing to speak with detectives, Donald at first claimed he was merely the robbery’s getaway driver. But, upon being informed that the store’s surveillance video disproved his version of events, he admitted that he went inside the restaurant to rob it when Every killed Friloux, police said.

Donald — described as a possible former Cane’s employee when his name was released Friday — also told investigators that Runner, of Reserve, had recruited him to take part in the heist at the restaurant and that he had armed himself with a box cutter, police said.

When Runner’s arrest was announced Friday, police said she was in the vicinity of the restaurant but not actually at the scene of the robbery.

In addition to murder, Crocklen, Donald, Every and Runner are facing other criminal counts, including armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Donald and Every are looking at counts of aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault as well.

Apparently anticipating that prosecutors could eventually seek the death penalty against him, attorneys Kerry Cuccia and Price Quenin, of the Capital Defense Project of Southeast Louisiana, are representing Every, according to documents filed Friday in 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna.

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