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Devontay Jenkins

The wild ride of a teenager wanted in 12 Lakeview car burglaries and a double shooting in the 7th Ward came to an end after a Wednesday morning carjacking led officers to a burning Mercedes and the arrests of four people, according to police and court records.

Police said Devontay Jenkins, 18, was arrested while hiding in a woman’s attic in the 2300 block of Allen Street in the 7th Ward on Wednesday. Police said one of the victims in a June 7 shooting in the 2800 of Pauger Street identified him as their assailant. The sequence of events that led to his capture weeks later, according to authorities, began in Gentilly.

Just after midnight Wednesday, police said, a woman pulling her 2004 Mercedes CLK 500 into her driveway in the 5100 block of Frenchmen Street was approached by a revolver-wielding man with a cap pulled down over his eyes.

The gunman forced the woman to hand over her keys, had her show him how to start the vehicle, then took off lakebound on Frenchmen Street.

Police used a GPS tracking system to follow the car to the 2500 block of Lincoln Court, a short street in the 7th Ward. A special SWAT team task force descended upon the block in “unmarked, unconventional vehicles to do surveillance,” according to a police report.

At some point, a man wearing a red hat and a red t-shirt approached the Mercedes in a “nervous manner,” lit it on fire, then fled.

The Fire Department arrived to put out the blaze. Meanwhile, police said, officers spotted the man in the red hat and t-shirt and collared him a backyard in the 1900 block of N. Tonti Street.

Police said the man, 18-year-old Nicholas Roby, led them to the house of his friend Sevi Delery, also 18.

Delery gave “multiple statements” to officers implicating Roby as being in possession of the stolen car, police said. Task force members told him they were also looking for Jenkins and 14-year-old Denzel Belvin, police said, but he “repeatedly” denied any knowledge of their whereabouts.

But police said the owner of the house told them she had heard noises in her attic.

Police said that inside the upstairs space, they found both Jenkins, the Pauger Street shooting suspect, and Belvin, the juvenile. Officers also reported finding three handguns.

Delery was placed under arrest for acting as an accessory and accessory to armed robbery. He remained in jail Thursday in lieu of $60,000 bail.

Police took Roby, the man they said ignited the Mercedes, to the hospital for treatment of what they said were minor injuries incurred during his flight from officers. He remained in jail in lieu of $52,500 bail on Thursday on counts of accessory to armed robbery, illegal possession of a stolen auto, aggravated arson, and resisting an officer.

Jenkins’ bail was set at $160,000 on two counts of aggravated battery and a host of simple burglary counts. He “refused to remain in court” during his bond hearing, according to court records, and remained in jail as of Thursday.

Court records for Belvin, the juvenile, were not available.

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