Four people were shot in Central City Friday afternoon, including a man in a wheelchair, according to a witness. 

The shooting occurred at the intersection of Magnolia Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard, according to a release from New Orleans police. Police had marked off the scene and placed at least 82 evidence markers, typically used to identify bullet casings. 

Police said Saturday morning that the victims were located at the intersection where shots were fired from an unidentified vehicle. 

"It sounded like fireworks," said one woman, who declined to be identified but said she was sitting outside with several others at the time. "I'm scared." 

A man working the cash register at Brothers Discount Market said he saw the other three victims scatter after the shooting began. The crime scene spanned multiple blocks. 

One man said he was walking into a nearby corner store when the shooting began and store patrons started running for cover. 

"It happened so fast, it was just like the snap of a finger," said the man, who declined to be identified. "I had to keep myself safe. Bullets don't have names."

The identities of the victims as well as the severity of their injuries is unknown at this time. 

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