A New Orleans man has been charged with video voyeurism for taking a cell phone pictures underneath a woman’s dress while she was distracted, according to the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office.

The man, 30-year-old Taza Green, was booked on June 24. The incident allegedly occurred a day earlier in an unspecified building in Chalmette.

The victim was in an elevator with Green when she felt the back of her dress being lifted, according to St. Bernard Sheriff James Pohlmann. Upon turning around, she noticed Green had his phone in his hand, before he quickly tried to hide it. Green then exited the building, getting into his work truck and drove off. Officers where able to find Green by going to the Chalmette business advertised on the side of the truck and identifying him through a supervisor, according to the sheriff.

Surveillance cameras also showed Green bending down to the side and behind the victim, snapping several pictures while she was distracted, according to Pohlmann’s office.

Green was released from St. Bernard Parish Prison after posting a $2,500 bond.