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The University of New Orleans' Lakefront Campus is among one of 100 public universities the Carnegie Foundation has classified as a research university.
University of New Orleans

An anonymous donor has given the University of New Orleans $1 million to pay for renovating three chemistry laboratories and purchasing new equipment.

The money will be used to upgrade UNO's introductory chemistry lab, its quantitative analysis and instrumental analysis lab and its organic lab.

“This generous gift will help give our students a first-class lab experience that will enhance their learning and engagement while at the University of New Orleans,” UNO President John Nicklow said Tuesday. “I am thrilled that our students are the direct beneficiaries of this donation.”

The upgrades will be aimed at meeting best-practice standards recommended by the American Chemical Society. Improvements include ergonomically-designed work areas as well as new lighting, washing stations, and chemically-resistant bench tops and flooring. A lab prep and stockroom will also be renovated with additional storage capability and improved work-space.

Steve Johnson, dean of UNO's College of Sciences, said the improvements will "have a transformative effect on students across many disciplines in sciences and engineering" at the Lakefront school.