Three dozen Recovery School District charter schools are academically eligible to return to the control of the Orleans Parish School Board next academic year — more than double the number eligible at this time last year.

The growing number indicates the RSD is doing what it was intended to do: foster academic recovery at the city’s underperforming schools. But the improved schools have wanted nothing to do with the OPSB in the past, for a variety of reasons.

They have two more months to reach a decision about their status for the next school year.

The official eligibility list was released last week, but schools likely were aware of their status already based on scores released last month.

The Recovery School District, as its name suggests, was originally intended to be only a temporary steward of the city’s worst-performing schools, a turnaround agency that would eventually hand control back to the elected local board once those schools had fully “recovered” from decades of substandard test scores and high dropout rates.

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