New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu took some jabs at President Donald Trump at the annual Gridiron Dinner in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night – while also using self-deprecating humor to find a few similarities between himself and the president.

Landrieu, a Democrat, said that “we’re both a little overweight and balding – I just have had an easier time admitting it,” the Washington Post reported. The dinner, a white-tie event that attracted about 660 journalists, media executives, lawmakers, administration officials and military officers, is off the record, so the Post relied on prepared remarks and accounts of those at the event, according to its report.

The mayor also said that he could understand the loneliness of Trump’s job: “I understand lonely because I’m a Democrat from the South.” And he also observed, “No matter how many times we say it, we don’t drain the swamps either.”

The Post reported that Landrieu, in the spirit of the bipartisan event, not only roasted Trump’s Cabinet, but also former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I feel kinda out of place here,” Landrieu said, according to the Post. “More out of place than Mike Pence at a men’s figure skating competition. More out of place than Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin. More out of place than the Mnuchins in a Waffle House. More out of place than Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice. More out of place than John Kelly. Period.”

USA Today's account of the evening says Landrieu joked that Trump could reign as "King Chaos" of a New Orleans parade.

The annual dinner of the Gridiron Club and Foundation, now in its 133rd year, traces its history to 1885, the year President Grover Cleveland refused to attend. Every president since has come to at least one Gridiron.

Trump, who skipped last year’s dinner, dished out sharp one-liners throughout his comments Saturday night, occasionally lapsing into recurring themes about the 2016 election and media bias.

"Nobody does self-deprecating humor better than I do. It's not even close," said Trump, who skipped last year's dinner. He also said: "I was very excited to receive this invitation and ruin your evening in person. That's why I accepted."

A sampling of Trump's comments:

—On his son-in-law: "We were late tonight because Jared could not get through security."

—On Vice President Mike Pence: "He is one of the best straight men you're ever going to meet ... he is straight. Man." Trump also said, "I really am proud to call him the apprentice "

—On Attorney General Jeff Sessions: "I offered him a ride over and he recused himself. What are you going to do?"

—On The New York Times: "I'm a New York icon. You're a New York icon. And the only difference is I still own my buildings."

—On former chief strategist Steven Bannon: "That guy leaked more than the Titanic."

—On the first lady: Trump said he doesn't understand why everyone says #freemelania. He said she's actually having a great time.

Toward the end of his comments, Trump couldn't resist some of his favorite themes, revisiting his election night victory and chiding reporters to be fair.

He closed by saying: "I just want to say this, this is one of the best times I've had with the media — this might be the most fun I've had since watching your faces on election night."

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