Jefferson Parish Councilmen Chris Roberts and Paul Johnston pulled two measures that would have prevented certain full-time parish employees from having outside employment, saying steps the parish president’s administration took to guard against potential impropriety have addressed their concerns.

Robert, an at-large councilman, last month proposed an ordinance that would prevent full-time attorneys with the parish from having a private practice.

Johnston, who represents District 2, proposed one that would prevent full-time, unclassified parish employees from having any kind of “outside employment or business interests.”

Both were deferred last month when Keith Conley, Parish President Mike Yenni’s top aide, said the administration was drafting rules to ensure employees don’t use parish time and resources to do private work.

Roberts said that after reading over the policy, he was satisfied it would be sufficient to address his concerns, which include avoiding situations where private legal work ends up on parish computer hard drives.

Johnston agreed the policy also negated his measure, and both were withdrawn.

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