Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration has launched a website designed to clear up any confusion over the city’s new indoor smoking ban.

The site,, went online Friday, part of a public education campaign officials are running before the measure goes into effect April 22.

It includes a chart laying out where smoking will and won’t be allowed under the ordinance, fact sheets about how the ban will be enforced and information on programs aimed at helping smokers quit.

The City Council unanimously approved the ban earlier this year.

The ordinance generally bans smoking and e-cigarettes in bars and casinos, which had been exempt from the rules prohibiting smoking in other indoor public spaces. But there’s plenty of nuance in the specifics, and the site lays out those details.

The guidelines themselves acknowledge the ban is a work in progress and could change even before it goes into effect.

One likely amendment would clarify that there is no prohibition against smoking near the entrances or windows of buildings. Council members had moved to strike a provision that initially set a 25-foot buffer zone, but conflicting amendments caused some confusion.

This week, Harrah’s New Orleans Casino renewed its push to get at least a partial exemption from the smoking ban, arguing the council should let it set up smoking and no-smoking areas inside the building.

The casino warned that it would seek to renegotiate its lease with the city if it does not get some relief. It said such a move could cost the city millions of dollars. But council members so far do not seem interested in loosening the rules for Harrah’s.

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