An ordinance that would require all New Orleans strip club employees to be over 21 years old was discussed Monday at a City Council committee meeting but will be voted on Jan. 6, according to a report.

Currently, the law states that strip club employees under 21 years of age cannot perform on stage, WWL-TV reported. The new ordinance would extend the age requirement to all employees, not just dancers.

Councilwoman Stacy Head expressed support for the ordinance Monday at the council’s Governmental Affairs Committee meeting, WWL reported.

"An 18-year-old doesn't have the same capacity to make decisions as a 21-year-old," Head said. "That's been proven. Many of the people who have been caught up in sex trade have gotten there because they were in strip clubs too young to make rational decisions. That is why we're putting forward this ordinance to make it abundantly clear that before (the age of) 21 you just can't work in that kind of establishment."

The vote was deferred at the request of an attorney who represents several of the strip clubs, WWL reported.

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