Most courtrooms at Civil District Court in New Orleans were shut down Thursday because low water pressure kept the building’s air conditioning from running and the toilets from flushing.

The problem started at midday and appeared to be fixed by late afternoon, court spokesman Walt Pierce said.

“The water pressure went down earlier today, and they couldn’t flush toilets. We have an old water-cooled air-conditioning system, and that lost pressure, and so we couldn’t use the air conditioner,” he said.

The shutdown affected several courtrooms, though some areas, such as the Clerk of Court’s Office, remained in operation.

Water pressure has been a problem in the building in the past, and it’s not clear what caused the problem Thursday, Pierce said.

The aging Civil District Court building at Loyola Avenue and Poydras Street, next to City Hall, has dealt with numerous maintenance problems over the years as officials have tried to come up with plans to find it a new location.

Those plans, which at one point included proposals to either build a new structure or relocate the courts and City Hall to the former Charity Hospital building on Tulane Avenue, have never materialized.

The courts are expected to be running as usual Friday.

“We don’t expect any other problems,” Pierce said.