Fredrick “Freddy” Brooks, a former deputy running against Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman, is facing a legal challenge to his candidacy, accused of failing to pay state taxes in recent years.

The challenge, filed in Civil District Court on Wednesday, was brought by Devon Diaz and Victor Robinson.

The suit alleges that Brooks did not file state income taxes between 2011 and 2016. It cites a public records request by a third person, CeCe Cordova, who sought to confirm whether those taxes had been filed with the state Department of Revenue.

An official at the department sent a letter saying, “The department cannot confirm filing for the subject returns for the subject tax periods.”

Brooks said Wednesday he had not yet received a copy of the suit but that he filed both state and federal income taxes each of those years.

Brooks said the lawsuit was an example of "dirty tricks" by Gusman's camp.

When qualifying, candidates are required to sign forms affirming that they have filed both federal and state income tax returns for the previous five years, have filed for an extension or were not required to file income tax returns.

State law allows a candidate to be disqualified if a judge finds that provision has been violated.