Nicosia sworn into office as St. Bernard DA _lowres

Photo provided by the Knights of Nemesis—Perry Nicosia, Knights of Nemesis Royal Night 2014.

Recently-elected St. Bernard Parish District Attorney Perry Nicosia was sworn into office two months early on Friday following the death last week of his longtime predecessor.

The Parish Council called a special meeting Friday afternoon to appoint Nicosia to the job, swearing him into a position that he won in a three-person race Nov. 4.

The council decided to install Nicosia early after District Attorney Jack Rowley died last week at age 83.

Rowley did not qualify to seek re-election in August, ending his 35-year run as St. Bernard’s top prosecutor. He died one day after the election to choose his successor.

Nicosia was a state judge before resigning from the 34th Judicial District Court bench to run for DA.

He won a majority of the votes Nov. 4, beating out Glenn Diaz and Michael Gorbaty, who both worked as assistant prosecutors under Rowley.