Medication that can reverse an overdose of heroin and other opiates will be available over the counter at a second pharmacy in New Orleans, city health officials announced Thursday.

Narcan now will be available at the Crescent City Pharmacy at 2240 Simon Bolivar Ave., as well as at the University Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacy at 2000 Canal St.

City Medical Director Joseph Kanter recently issued a standing order that makes Narcan available without a separate prescription. He acted in response to a rash of heroin overdoses in the city that officials believe claimed as many as seven lives in January.

Health officials are urging family and friends of heroin users to keep Narcan, the brand name for the drug naloxone, on hand in case of an overdose. The medicine can reverse the effects of an overdose and does not have any side effects or produce a high.

Anyone who administers the medicine to someone in the middle of an overdose should call 911 immediately afterward, according to health officials.

Officials asked people seeking more information on substance abuse programs to go to or call (504) 658-4787.