The city will take your old gaming consoles, tires, Mardi Gras beads and almost any other recyclable item from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, New Orleans officials said Friday.

The Department of Sanitation will hold its first recycling drop-off day of 2016 at the city’s Recycling Drop-off Center at 2829 Elysian Fields Ave.

Future drop-off days will occur on the second Saturday of each month.

Items accepted include — but are not limited to — paper, batteries, digital cameras, metals, certain plastics, printers and fax machines, telephones, cords, cellphones, beepers, pagers, TVs and tires, though residents can bring no more than four TVs or tires.

Hazardous household waste materials will not be accepted Saturday but will be accepted at a later date.

Glass is not accepted at the drop-off center and is not picked up as part of curbside recycling collections, except in the French Quarter and Central Business District.

For more information on allowed items, or to register for New Orleans’ curbside recycling program, city residents may call 311.

Below is the 2016 schedule for the Recycling Drop-Off Center:

Jan. 9: Recycling drop-off day.

Feb. 13: Recycling drop-off day.

March 12: Recycling drop-off day.

April 9: Recycling drop-off and shred day: Iron Mountain Inc., a records management firm, will confidentially shred up to 50 pounds of documents at no charge.

May 14: Recycling drop-off day and household hazardous materials collection day.

June 11: Recycling drop-off day.

July 9: Recycling drop-off and shred day.

Aug. 13: Recycling drop-off day.

Sept. 10: Recycling drop-off day.

Oct. 8: Recycling drop-off and shred day.

Nov. 12: Recycling drop-off day.

Dec. 10: Recycling drop-off and shred day.