Mayor Mitch Landrieu will participate in meetings surrounding Pope Francis’ visit to the United States and meeting with leaders of other cities and United Nations officials about both global and local issues

Tying the visit and the pope’s previous work on global issues such as inequality and climate change to New Orleans’ recently unveiled Resiliency Plan , Landrieu said he was “incredibly honored to represent the people of New Orleans at these global meetings” and to participate in the pope’s historic visit.

“We have important lessons to share with the world, but we also have much more to learn,” Landrieu said in a press release. “I am proud that Pope Francis has made climate change, rising inequalities and broad-based economic growth a focus of world leaders, and I will keep working to ensure New Orleans has a seat at the discussion table.”

The meetings are organized around Francis’ Friday visit to the U.N. and that body’s consideration of 17 sustainable development goals such as eliminating poverty and hunger, addressing climate change, promoting responsible consumption and manufacturing and working toward gender equality.

That effort builds on pledges Landrieu and other mayors made at a Vatican summit convened by the pope earlier this summer.

Landrieu will give a speech on those issues on Thursday and then join 30 mayors from cities around the world to endorse the development goals, which Landrieu said line up with the city’s resiliency strategy. That is expected to be the kick-off of a partnership aimed at implementing the goals on a local level.

On Friday, Francis will visit the U.N. as it considers the proposal, with Landrieu and other officials in the audience.

“For the first time in world history, more people are actually living in cities than outside of them,” Landrieu said. “That means it is important for mayors around the world to find resources and build coalitions to address our most pressing challenges. And we must do so in a way that doesn’t leave anyone behind.

Landrieu’s participation in events surrounding the papal visit began on Wednesday, when he travelled to Philadelphia to participate in the eighth World Meeting of Families Congress, a triennial gathering of Catholic Families. He will also be part of a panel discussion at a new event at the congress - the International Mayor’s Forum - at the invitation of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and speak on a panel about how good governance can have a positive impact on families.