Ray Crawford will be on the Oct. 24 ballot in the race to replace state Rep. Wesley Bishop in House District 99 after an appeals court ruled a district judge should not have disqualified him.

Crawford’s candidacy was challenged last month by district residents in a lawsuit that accused him of failing to pay his taxes in 2012. The suit said the Louisiana Department of Revenue had no record of his taxes for that year.

Crawford said he filed his taxes that year and received a small refund. He said the Department of Revenue had computer problems that prevented some tax returns from being reflected in its system.

Civil District Court Judge Regina Woods ruled that he should be disqualified from the race for the New Orleans East district.

But a panel of the state 4th Circuit Court of Appeal found Tuesday that Crawford had not been properly served with notice of the suit. He was not personally served with the paperwork, and the suit filed with the court named “Raymond C. Crawford” as the defendant, though that is not Crawford’s name.

As a result, the disqualification was thrown out.

“It’s time for people to actually run a race and stop all this poli-tricking,” Crawford said.

Crawford faces Jimmy Harris and Markeita Prevost in the race. All three are Democrats.