After historic vote, when will New Orleans' Confederate monuments come down; more changes coming? _lowres

Advocate staff photo by MATTHEW HINTON--Council member Stacy Head speaks against the removal of Confederate monuments in City Council chambers in New Orleans, La. Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. The council voted 6-1 to remove the monuments with Head casting the lone vote against the removal.

As New Orleans voters consider whether to raise property taxes for police and firefighters, one city councilwoman argues that it’s time for "meaningful tax reform," including collecting some property taxes the city currently foregoes.

In an opinion piece for The Lens, New Orleans City Councilwoman Stacy Head singles out Tulane University, which is largely exempt from paying property taxes but hands out nearly $7 million in scholarships to lawmakers. That money, instead, could be used to make a voluntary payment to the city, which would help the property tax situation, she writes.

“Tulane is an incredibly important part of our city’s fabric and economy, but this institution directly contributes little to the cost of providing city services,” Head writes. "It can hardly be argued that scholarships given to legislators all over the state of Louisiana offset the cost of providing basic city services to Tulane’s campus and students."

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