Political novice Tina Miceli was elected mayor of Harahan Tuesday night.

The veteran nurse secured 52 percent of the vote and 2,164 ballots, while Councilman Eric Chatelain pulled in 48 percent of the vote and 1,978 ballots.

Miceli replaces outgoing Mayor Vinny Mosca who chose not to seek a second term, instead running for the City Council.

Mosca failed to win enough votes to make the five-person council.

Miceli campaigned on her outsider status and promised greater transparency, while noting that her years of working in the health industry provided her insights into government bureaucracy.

Chatelain played up his status as a councilman who has experience with city government and a small business owner who understands how to manage people and finances.

Miceli held the lead in the race all night.

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