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I think it would be in the very best interest of the state of Louisiana if The Advocate would see that a copy (a very large copy) Robert Hebert's letter in the recent edition about the low arrest rates around the state is nailed to the door of eve…

After two special sessions, the Louisiana Legislature was unable to come up with the money to provide for the poor, the ill, and TOPS students. I noticed how the poor in Central America are willing to travel hundreds of miles in the hopes of a bet…

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Congratulations to the writers and editors of The Advocate for your heads up reporting of the failures and foibles of our Louisiana legislators. It is the duty of a free press to try to keep our legislators honest, and you are doing a quite favora…

Six special sessions in two years, not counting the regular sessions where the serious problems could, and should, have been resolved: accomplishments — zero, except a few bills passed to fatten the pockets of some of the legislators and/or their …

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I write to express my gratitude to the Baton Rouge community for the success of the first annual Ten Across Water Summit, which was held on May 16 and 17 and attended by visitors from across the country and the globe. The setting on the banks of t…

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