Remember the last time New Orleans and Minneapolis squared off for a shot at the Super Bowl?

It was 2014, and New Orleans was the favorite to host Super Bowl LII, which would have coincided with the tricentennial of America’s favorite party town. One of the other competitors was Minneapolis, where it’s so cold that even the Minnesota Vikings’ owner doesn’t live there.

Our plan was to play the game in the country’s most distinctive venue during Carnival season. Their plan was to build a new $1 billion stadium and name it after a bank you’ve probably never heard of.

The choice was entrusted to the NFL, the same band of geniuses who can’t write a simple rule explaining what it means to catch a ball. The NFL chose Minnesota, and Vikings fans are already clucking about their chance to be the first franchise to host itself in the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, the Saints have an opportunity to do something about that. While we didn’t lure Super Bowl LII to New Orleans, the Saints can bring the Lombardi Trophy back to where it belongs.