After having absolutely zero history with long-distance running, Tisha Seghers had no idea that she could stretch too much before a workout.

But right before Christmas, when the muscles supporting her left ankle seized, she found out the hard way.

Seghers, a 37-year-old wife and mother of two, had been feeling great as she gradually increased her regular workouts to more than two miles per outing. But on a chilly day back in December, she was far from great.

“I had been feeling really good and I was stretching the day after a really good run of 2.24 miles,” the Metairie resident said. “That was the longest run I had done since I ran the (Corporate Cup) 5-kilometer race earlier in the month. So, with the ankle hurting, I missed two weeks.”

Seghers is preparing to run her first Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic. The 10K event, easily New Orleans’ most popular road race, is expected to attract approximately 25,000 people to the streets April 4. The New Orleans Advocate is following one of three runners (all on very different paths) each Sunday until race day.

Seghers said the setback with her ankle was frustrating.

“When I got back into training, both of my ankles felt really tight,” Seghers said. “I had been running approximately two times a week and was up to around two miles regularly. I’ve been in the 1½-mile range in the past couple runs, which is a little short of where I was. But I’m feeling good again.”

Seghers had been running on area levees during her daughter’s soccer practices, but said the “terrain was a bit rough for me.” Instead, she’s taken to running in her Metairie neighborhood and at LaSalle Park — typically after work or on weekends. Seghers runs with her young daughter, while her mother-in-law and sister-in-law walk behind her.

In addition to juggling a family and her training schedule for her first CCC, Seghers also started a new job earlier in January. After earning her Masters of Science in nursing, she now works as a nurse midwife at Touro Infirmary Hospital.

The busy schedule has been going smoothly so far, but that could change when she said she is expected to receive her hospital privileges in early February.

“I’m in orientation still at the hospital, really,” Seghers said. “It could get more hectic when I have a patient base of my own. The schedule will be more in flux because I’ll be sharing call duties with my partner.”

Seghers said her husband, Dave — an accomplished local runner — referred her to a new training group the New Orleans Track Club has started for beginning and intermediate runners. Their collective goal is to be ready for the CCC.

“I’d like to find some 5K races to run sometime soon,” she said. “I find it much easier to run with a group if I can make it work time-wise.”