Editor’s note: Each Sunday, the New Orleans Advocate is following three local runners during the course of their training for the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic.

If Tisha Seghers’ training for the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic has taught her one thing, it’s that it’s easier to tell your husband “no” than it is to say the same word to your track coach.

Seghers, a 37-year old Metairie resident, recently participated in the Al Briede Gold Cup — a New Orleans Track Club multi-distance showcase that features a 3-mile race, among others.

Seghers, a novice runner, was jogging with her husband, Dave, an avid local runner in the 3-miler.

Little did Tisha know that Dave was pushing her a little beyond her current training pace for the CCC.

So, at about the 2-mile mark of the Gold Cup, she let him know about it.

“He was pacing me at below 10 minutes per mile,” Seghers said of the jog with her husband. “After two miles, I thought I was going to die at that pace. So we backed off a little bit.

“When I’ve been running on Wednesday nights with the NOTC, I don’t say no.”

Seghers finished the 3-mile race in 31 minutes, 12 seconds. She’s hoping she can maintain a similar pace when she participates in the CCC on April 4. About 25,000 people are expected to take to the streets of New Orleans that day to be a part of the Gulf South’s most-popular road race.

Seghers was encouraged by her performance at the Gold Cup, and said being able to add an extra day of running during her training regimen the past few weeks has helped her. She also lauded the NOTC training program, where she works out with other intermediate runners once a week.

“We’ve been doing some speed work, and I think it’s helped me with both stamina and with speed,” she said.

But she continues to maintain that the greatest aspect of the training group is that it allows her a chance to run with similar people on similar athletic levels.

“Group exercising really makes it so much easier for me,” Seghers said. “I’m still not at the point where I say much during a run. But having other people talk to me while I’m running gets my mind off of it all and actually seems to make it go quicker.”

In addition to beginning training for the CCC a few months ago, Seghers also began a new job as a nurse midwife at the same time. She has started to see her own patients, she said, but doesn’t anticipate the amount of work increasing to the point where it would affect her current training for the CCC.

“It’s been working out well,” she said. “Training schedules are hard to follow when you have work and kids and soccer practice and everything else that comes with it. But I feel good.”

Seghers said she hopes to compete once more before the CCC on April 4. She plans to ask her track coaches at the NOTC which distance race she should try before registering for a race.

“It’s all very exciting,” she said.

For more information or to register, visit www.ccc10k.com.