Well, I can’t really say I’m surprised about this result.

It didn’t take long for Justin Bui to get his first win in adult bowling after all his success on the junior circuit. Mark the first one down at the NOLA Doubles at Bowl South in Houma. Bui won the state match games title in what was his final major junior championship at the end of July.

His partner, earning his second doubles win in the month of September in one sanctioning body or another, was Shreveport’s young rising talent C. J. Thomas.

The event is part of the NOLA Bowling Scratch Sweeper Tour, which has been having a good run with a lot of the area’s top bowlers.

Congrats also to Gregory Snee and Sumner Taylor for taking home fourth place in the event.

Another SASBA title

Randy Summers of Baton Rouge has another Senior All-Star Bowling Association championship to post on his victory wall as his sixth title came in the unique 67/50/Guest trio event at the Astro Super Bowl in San Antonio on Sunday.

Summers teamed with Mark Busscher of Alvin, Texas, and Eric Traylor of Houston to get the win, taking two Baker games in the stepladder finals to win the $3,000 top prize.

The Summers-Busscher team beat a trio of Gene Rivers, Larry Kassner and Chris Watson 225-189, and then a big 10th frame propelled them to the title in the championship match 205-194 over the top qualifying threesome of Dave Dupont, Paul Houston and Joey Brock.

In the title match of this first trio grouping of this type in SASBA history, Traylor had to strike out to force Brock to strike out for the win. Traylor got the first two, and Brock struck out in the 10th. In the 11th, needing a strike for the win, a great shot hung a solid 7 giving the Summers team the win.

In all, this tournament resulted in a payout of some $12,000. The group’s annual championship comes up the end of October at the Cityview Lanes in Fort Worth.

Interesting times

These are very interesting times in the bowling game as you read on Facebook comments from bowlers in this state who are not happy with the conditions they are bowling under at some of the centers in their cities. The topics range from air conditioning, to machines that won’t set pins up right, to lack of customer service to no one cares about league bowlers anymore.

Frankly, it’s been very interesting to read as people who defend the centers and those who are avid league bowlers have their say.

Sure, I remember when bowling was less than 50 cents a game (OK, I’m getting in the old category), and I grew up in a bowling center that featured a restaurant that you couldn’t get inside of for lunch at noon. But I also grew up in a center where the proprietor watched every nickel he made like a hawk, but did all he could to make sure the bowlers had comfortable, fun times at the lanes (even if that meant putting another bucket on the ceiling to catch the water from the leaky roof).

On the one hand, the United States Bowling Congress is letting a lot of veteran hands go. On the other, Brunswick has sold its quality run centers to Bowlmor AMF and getting out of the business. Then there is news the PBA is adding events in various cities that will be shown on its online channel and count as national tour titles as it tries to get back to an actual “Tour.” Statewide, high school bowling in Louisiana is on the rise and hopefully grooming the next group of league bowlers.

Good, bad. The eye of the beholder is pretty dominating in this sport. If the house doesn’t profit, it closes. If bowlers don’t like the center, they go elsewhere or find something else to do.

Maybe it all boils down to this: I didn’t bowl well last Monday. Must have been something wrong at the lanes. I bowled great last Tuesday, must have been me. It seems like a slippery slope that neither league bowlers nor proprietors can ever agree on.

Honor roll notes

Terry Moore had two 279 games in an 824 series while Duke Koontz had two 268 games in an 803 set, both bowled at All-Star. Tristan Senegal had the best women’s series of 724 (256) at Circle Bowl. Nicholas Stevens had a 279 high game in a 678 set, while Ken Buturla posted 699 and Eva Newman 586 in the senior leagues.

Brian Yoches and Troy Cedotal both posted perfect 300 games, while Wade Duplessie and Dick Loudenslager posted 298 totals.

Back with you in two weeks on Oct. 14. Until then, good luck and good bowling.