MIAMI — For now, call it the No Name National Championship Game.

When college football’s new playoff system kicks off in January 2015, its championship game won’t have a title sponsor, according to BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock.

It also won’t be called the BCS.

“We don’t know what it will be, but it won’t be BCS,” Hancock said in an impromptu meeting with reporters Saturday during BCS media day at Sun Life Stadium, site of Monday’s BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame. “Though I’m sure some people will call it BCS for awhile.

Hancock said ESPN, which will televise the playoff, may have presenting sponsors, but not the game. “Not in the logo or our stuff,” he said.

“It’ll be the whatever championship game. XYZ.”

Monday’s game here is called the Discover BCS National Championship Game. As is the case with the three other BCS bowls, the championship game each year takes on the name of the host bowl’s title sponsor.

Hancock said the semifinal games will continue to have title sponsors because they will be played in the actual bowls, such as the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

The Sugar, Rose and Orange bowls have been selected as part of the rotation for the new four-team playoff. Three other bowls will be selected in April, with the Fiesta, Cotton and Chick-fil-A bowls reportedly the front runners.

The six bowls would each host four semifinal games in a 12-year period. National championship game sites will be bid out as they are for the Final Four or the Super Bowl, which also do not have title game sponsors.

BCS decision makers will have a meeting Tuesday in Key Biscayne to continue discussions about the playoff.

Hancock said he doesn’t expect any major decision to come out of that meeting, but did say he expects the site of the first national championship game to be selected within the next 45 days.

“The reason for that is the first (championship) game is 24 months away,” Hancock said. “That’s a very short lead time.”

The next two or three championship game sites should be selected within the next six months, Hancock said.

The final BCS championship game will be played next January at the Rose Bowl.