Editor’s note: Each Sunday, the New Orleans Advocate has followed three local runners during the course of their training for the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic. This is the final installment of that series. The CCC will be held Saturday.

When Tisha Seghers began training for her first Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic back in December, she knew it was a leap of faith.

After all, Seghers admittedly had never been a road racer, and really hadn’t done much athletically since playing high school soccer some 20 years ago.

But with the assistance of her husband Dave (an avid runner,) and the support of training partners with the New Orleans Track Club, Seghers was confident she would complete the 10-kilometer (6.2-mile course) for the race on Saturday.

She still can, but the 37-year old Metairie resident has suffered a setback. She injured her left ankle recently and missed nearly two weeks of training while nursing herself back to full health. As of Wednesday, she had yet to fully test the ankle.

“I really have no idea what happened,” Seghers said. “It’s on both sides of the ankle, the tendons around it. It’s been bruised and really sore. I didn’t fall, so it’s a mystery.”

Seghers noticed the injury not long after she ran in the Shamrockin’ Run 8K on March 15. She completed that race in approximately 53 minutes, and was quite pleased with her time.

Then, the ankle began to throb.

Seghers is undeterred however.

“It’s feeling much better now, really,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do other than take ibuprofen and elevate the ankle. I have been preparing a long time for the Classic and I think I’ll be ready to run the best time I can.”

Seghers has made tremendous strides in her training. She began running over the winter in increments of less than a mile, and has increased her stamina to be able to complete an 8K race. She also ran in the NOTC’s Al Briede Gold Cup three-miler a month ago, and sneaks in training runs of at least three miles several times a week. She’s completing speed work with the NOTC training group and said her conditioning has been made much easier by training with friends there.

While she’s a bit concerned how the ankle will fare in a 10K, Seghers is confident she’ll finish the Classic.

“I don’t know what to expect after taking more than a week off, but I want to accomplish all the things I set out to do,” she said. “I’m going to go for it.”

For more information on the Crescent City Classic, go online to www.ccc10k.com.