The final leg of the 2015 Louisiana Bridge Race Series didn’t go as planned.

But the outcome probably was good enough to keep the leaders in the lead for the series championship.

Pat Gavin, widely considered the New Orleans area’s best road runner, won the 4-mile race in a blistering time of 21 minutes, 46 seconds. On the women’s side, Amy Talbot, a Lake Charles resident who ran for McNeese State, led the women’s field in 26:07.

Despite the brisk paces on a muggy Saturday night over the Crescent City Connection Bridge, neither Gavin or Talbot were expected to win the coveted bridge series race award. That honor instead presumably will go to Ian Carr and Jamie Sauer, who ran the CC Bridge Run but fell short of their goal to win all three bridge races this year.

Both Carr and Sauer had run the first two legs of the bridge series and looked strong in the Crescent City Connection Run.

But when Gavin took a 60-yard lead on the Crescent City Connection Bridge and left the field far behind him, it was clear who the day belonged to. Carr said he was at least a half a football field behind the leader, who was running his first bridge series run of 2015.

“When we were warming up, I knew it would be a race,” Carr said, who finished third with a time of 21:59.“ Still, this a good race. I love the series.”

Gavin, who didn’t register for the race until Wednesday, said he still has a competitive streak, regardless of who runs.

“I don’t want to run when I’m not in shape,” Gavin said. “I was able to take an early lead today and get away on the bridge. I felt good and felt nice on the bridge until I slowed down up top.”

Talbot was running her first bridge series run and won handily. Sauer, who has suffered ankle problems since January, didn’t finish in the top 10 but won the series thanks to solid races in the earlier two legs.

“I’ve been to New Orleans, but have never run here,” she said. “It was tough, but I enjoyed it, especially going downhill. I felt strong today. I hope to be back to run soon.”