Mary Mansur, who seemingly has bowled great games and series and won various events since she was a little girl, finally got the one thing she wanted after all these years — an 800 series.

It came at All-Star Lanes, and the games were 278, 276 and 247, and even my bad math comes up with 801.

Now here’s the catch: It happened during a make-up for a league session, and there are some rules on that. Thanks to Louisiana Women’s USBC executive director Susie Brown, we have some information on how this all works.

It’s a bad news-good news type of thing. Since the score was bowled as a make-up and the team bowled by itself and not against an opposing team, USBC will not recognize the 801. However, according to the rules department at USBC, it is up to the league to determine whether it counts for league awards or not.

The good news is the women’s state board has the same decision to make, and it has decided it will recognize the 801 (I applaud that decision), and Mansur will receive her 800 award at the 2014 Louisiana State USBC WBA annual meeting since it was shot in the 2012-13 season.

The main thing is it happened and deserves congrats from all. As you will see in the honor roll, it’s not the only 800 we will talk about in this space.

Some thoughts

When we were with you two weeks ago, the USBC came out with a sudden announcement regarding their women’s tournament, and unfortunately, some of our copy we had planned regarding the Jon Juneau Southern Masters had to be cut.

An interesting thing has been taking place in New Orleans in that J. L. Vangilder, a well-known sports figure in the city and bowler, has begun writing a column every so often on There has been a lot of discussion regarding the best bowler in that city, and an informal poll has named Scott Montelone as that person. Montelone is a two-time winner of the Juneau and at least one BR singles winner, and those credentials cannot be overlooked.

Which brings an interesting question? How important is the title of a tournament that bills itself as the scratch Southern Masters?

My opinion is, with the fields I’ve seen competing in this event over the years, especially in the last five to seven years, I would say a win in that tournament would be very important on a top amateur bowler’s résumé in this part of the country.

While we documented Derwin Pitre’s second consecutive win (that’s a résumé builder for sure), we didn’t mention those from Baton Rouge who made the final 16, including leading qualifier Sumner Taylor. Also, congrats to Brian Yoches and Mike Cook, along with a former Baton Rouge resident, Mike Fritter, for making the final round of the event.

Speaking of important tournaments, before we are with you again, another BR Singles will bowl at Metro on March 2-3.

Also, Stuart Moss said leagues are beginning to form at the new Malco center, Premier Lanes in Gonzales. Leagues will be Monday through Wednesday and look to start Feb. 25. There are all times and all types of leagues, and for further information, contact the folks at We hope to have some scores from there in the weeks to come.

The PBA League

If you haven’t checked out what’s happening with the professional bowling tour lately, you are missing something new and different.

The PBA League is bringing team bowling back to television. So far, three sessions and all have been different. The stars are all there, and a few new stars are making their impressions as well. If the PBA was looking to have their stars bowling every week so people will tune in, they are succeeding.

Frankly, with this new format, you can see at least 25 different bowlers throwing shots on a two-hour telecast.

This week, the league takes a week off for live coverage of the first major of the year, the USBC Masters. It’s a grind on a tough condition and sometimes a surprising winner emerges, but it’s always a good show. It will air on ESPN Sunday beginning at 2 p.m.

Honor Roll notes

The other 800 came from a guy who knows what 800 is about as Sumner Taylor at Circle posted games of 238, 290 and 299 for an 827 set. There were lots of perfect 300 games as Danton Alexius had a 171 average shooting 300, as did Dan Centerbar, John Raho, Tristan Senegal 300 (756), Sean Duffy, Sean Duffy, Jason Webb, Justin Davis, Mike Carter and Braxter Smothers.

Also, Duke Koontz had a 299, Lester Norwood 297, and Alex Domingue had 11 strikes in a row in a 290. Senior bowlers Diane Flowers and Esta Gomez were 50 pins over in their bowling.

Back with you in two weeks, March 5 with updates on BR Singles and the women’s state.

Until then, good luck and good bowling.