Travis Scott’s attempt to step up his boxing competition was delayed for about an hour Saturday night when the required ambulance was not on site when the card was scheduled to begin. However, once the main event fight started, it was worth the wait for the nearly 1,200 people in attendance at the Belle of Baton Rouge Atrium.

Scott, a Baton Rouge middleweight, won a unanimous decision and increased his record to 13-0 with three knockouts in a fight that tested his resolve against Manny Woods, who fell to 10-3-1 with four knockouts.

Woods tagged Scott with a right hand in round one. The overhand right had Scott reeling and caused swelling under his left eye. Scott came back unfazed and used his jab to control the second round. In the third, Scott relied on his reach advantage and snapping jab to set up a sneaky right hand that dropped Woods.

Woods was more surprised than hurt and fought hard the rest of the round. In the fourth, Woods landed an overhead right that cut Scott under the right eye. The two fought back and forth, many times in clinches as they both tried to move forward and impose their will.

In the eighth and final round, both boxers let loose with a barrage of haymakers that had the crowd roaring with approval.

“This was a good test for Travis,” said Scott’s trainer, Chad Broussard. “He got his chin checked and passed the test. I think going into the fight, there may have been some self-doubt about going eight rounds, but this was Travis’ fight. He worked hard. He worked the jab and worked the angles. We didn’t even talk about the cut. He didn’t even notice it. He just kept doing what he was doing and won the fight. Travis proved he’s legit.”

In other bouts:

  • Justin Thomas upped his record to 8-0 with four KOs after stopping Berthin Rousseau 29 seconds into the fifth round. The fight was a spirited, back-and-forth affair until Thomas, from Baton Rouge, landed a big right hand to start the fifth round. He followed that crowd-pleasing shot with a flurry of heavy punches that led to the referee calling for the stoppage.
  • K’Lon Spencer (2-0, two KOs) knocked out Jonathan Wade (0-2) at the 1:17 mark of the second round with a left jab to the head. Spencer set up the winning punch with several strong left-right combinations.
  • Demond Brock (3-1, two KOs) won a unanimous decision over Calvin Smith (1-1, one KO). Brock, from New Orleans, pressed the action from round one. He had Smith hurt in the second round and was never challenged.
  • Terrance Dumas (3-0-0, two KOs) won by TKO when Alonzo Toney (3-18-0, three KOs) failed to answer the bell for the third round in a heavyweight bout. Dumas controlled the fight from the opening bell with a strong left jab. Dumas, from New Orleans, kept Tony off balance with left jabs to the head and body.
  • Baton Rouge’s Justin Thomas beat Joshua Skipper (0-2) by TKO after Thomas knocked Skipper down for the third time at the 2:44 mark of the first round. Thomas finished the carnage with a straight left to Skipper’s head that dropped him for the final time.