The first major step in DeMarcus Cousins' extensive rehab plan is scheduled for Wednesday.

New Orleans Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry said Cousins, who suffered a season-ending ruptured left Achilles on Friday, is set to have surgery to repair the injury on Wednesday, five days after Cousins fell in the final minutes of Friday's win against the Houston Rockets.

"He's in about as good of spirits as you can be with a season-ending injury," Gentry said. "Obviously, he would much prefer to be out playing right now. You know, I mean, I think reality is setting in, he's going to have to have the surgery. He'll start rehab, and as he said, he'll come back better than ever."

In his first public moment since the injury, Cousins posted a statement on Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, which he opened by saying "no lie" the injury "sucks."

“I’ve never experienced an injury of this magnitude in my life," Cousins tweeted, "but that being said nothing I’ve earned has ever come easy for me either! ... I’ll overcome this as well and continue to prove."

Cousins, who was having a Most Valuable Player-caliber season, according to Gentry, averaged 25.2 points and 12.9 rebounds in 48 total games prior to the injury.

In the first game following Cousins' injury, the Pelicans lost 112-103 to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday at the Smoothie King Center.

"It's one game in," Gentry said before Tuesday's game against the Sacramento Kings, Cousins' former club. "Obviously, we're still in the process of making adjustments of some of the things that we can and can't do without DeMarcus out there."

"We still have confidence. I think the team still has confidence. I still think that we're going to be fine. I wouldn't judge anything by the first few games that we play. You know, it took us a while to figure it out with DeMarcus. You know, we'll get it figured out."