The last time readers got a glimpse into the life of Tisha Seghers, the 37-year old Metairie resident had hurt her ankle before a running workout.

Seghers, who is training for her first Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic, is feeling great three weeks later. She gives credit to the New Orleans Track Club and the members that recently started a program to get beginning runners such as Seghers prepared for the CCC.

“I joined the NOTC group and boy, am I glad I did,” Seghers said. “It gives me something to look forward to, and it gives me people to run with. I don’t like to run by myself. It can get boring. So this is perfect for me.”

Seghers is one of three New Orleans-area residents the New Orleans Advocate is following during their preparation for the CCC — the 10-kilometer road race which is expected to attract more than 25,000 participants when it is held April 4.

Seghers is a novice runner, though her two months of training earned her a space in the intermediate group at the NOTC workouts. Participants work out on Wednesdays at City Park and Saturdays at Audubon Park.

“When I showed up, they asked me if I was a beginner or an intermediate runner,” she said. “Honestly, I felt like I was a little bit beyond what the beginners were doing, so they told me to work out with the intermediate group and see if I could keep up. We started with a 1-mile run, and I finished it in 10 minutes, five seconds. That let them know I can do this. Now, I’m always the caboose, but that’s OK. I get through the runs and feel great after.”

Seghers said she was comfortable during a 2.75-mile workout last week, as well.

“I’m averaging about 10:30 per minute,” she said. “It’s not the fastest pace by far, but I’m consistent with it. I believe I can run the (6.2-mile CCC) in 60 or 70 minutes.

“That’s being realistic. I’d be happy with 70 (minutes), but if I can get to 60 (minutes), that would be amazing.”

Seghers said the NOTC’s twice-weekly workouts are the only ones she gets these days. Between work, and being a wife and mother of two, she now realizes how tough it can be to find time to exercise.

“My daughter is in soccer and the games are going strong,” she said. “I bring a bag to work every day with the plan to work out, but life, it gets in the way.”

Seghers plans to continue her workouts, straight through the carnival season and beyond — no matter the obstacles.

“Even if we go the parades, I’ll be at the workouts,” she said. “I’m totally committed to doing this.”

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