New York Times article reveals indepth 2012 correspondence between key individuals that almost had Alabama coach Nick Saban take job at University of Texas _lowres

Associated Press photo by BRYNN ANDERSON -- Alabama coach Nick Saban

A New York Times article delves deeper into the prospect of how Alabama coach Nick Saban had showed interest in coaching at the University of Texas.

The end result, of course, was that Alabama gave Saban a new contract, but the article goes into more detail on how communications bounced between agents, team owners and college representatives.

The Texas football program also seemed to fit Saban’s blueprint. The university, like LSU in 2000 and Alabama in 2007, was desperate to return to national football prominence. Texas had the resources — it had the biggest athletic budget in the country, at $163 million — not only to provide Saban with the largest contract in college football history but also to pay for whatever facilities and other tertiary things he deemed necessary to help rebuild the program.

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